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"Altest" Ltd. started first with the development and establishement on the market in its 4-chamber PVC system "Prelude". Had already proven its qualities, the system becomes one of the most popular solutions for construction companies and contractors for residential buildings and buildings, offices, kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

Windows made with KMG Profile Series "Prelude", can reduce energy loss in the room to 37%, making it ideal for any developer or user. Тhe tests for the coefficient of heat transfer, that were made in the independent laboratory of the institute ift Rosenheim, Germany once again confirmed the high thermal insulation properties of the 4-chamber PVC profile "Altest" Ltd., namely:

All Series PVC profiles offered by "Altest" Ltd. are resistant to wind, rain, dust, environmental changes. Our PVC profiles are corrosion resistant in highly humid environments, they do not deform after heat treatment, and they are resistant to acids, alkalis and salts.

Another important advantage of the quality of the KMG profiles is their resistance to UV-rays.
By choosing 4-chamber PVC profiles from the series "Prelude", you get an established and proven over the years quality system.

Technical characteristics
class 5A
Wind resistance
class С1
Load capacity of protective devices
class 4
Weighted sound reduction index
33 dB
Thermal transmittance
U = 1,36 W/(m2.K)
Air Permeability
class 2


Certificates for Prelude
Certificate - "Prelude"
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