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Composite panels


Aluminium composite panels, known as product name Altest Bond ® consist of non-toxic low density polyethylene - LDPE and aluminum sheet, these components are associated with high adhesive which is usually at high temperature.

PVDF paint system offers outstanding protection against erosion, solar radiation and air pollutants. Along with these excellent protective properties panels offer maximum strength, optimal thermal and chemical stability and excellent flexibility at work. PVDF coating is very good insulator against moisture and dirt.


The test results of Altest Bond ® indicate that material does not belong to the contributors' waste burning, not any combustible elements do not occur and ignition of filter paper. The above-mentioned material can be labeled as normal combustible according DIN 4102-1.


Altest Bond ® has a completely smooth surface thanks to the excellent coveragePVDF, which also makes it an ideal choice as a cladding material for buildings.


Aluminum composite panel Altest Bond ® is a system with high sound insulation and any effects of weather conditions.


Altest Bond ® aluminum composite panel offers superior resistance to moisture, UV rays, salt compounds, dirt and wear. Thanks to cover 70% KYNAR 500 (R), color saturation is expressed in its eternal hues and exceptional quality.

Hardness and flexibility

Structural stability of steel and unparalleled ease and flexibility of aluminum, you will be inspired to reach new heights of design and innovation in your field.

Design Freedom

Altest Bond ® can build almost any shape by cutting, bending and milling. Even infinite imagination is unable to restrict the flexibility of these exclusive panels, giving them forms a new dimension.